SurveyTECH continues to evolve and grow through technologies innovations, expanded product offerings and valueadded services and consultative solutions to support its customers’ projects.

     SurveyTECH offers sales / rental rates from a full range of easy to use instrumentation products including borehole magnetic & non-magnetic instruments, rig alignment devices used for underground and surface drilling rigs and electronic core orientation system. We offer a complete mining and civil rental package solution design specifically for each project.

     Our technical expertise and experience when it comes to borehole surveying instruments means we can help you select the right equipment for the job.   Although these specialized instruments have become extremely easy to use over the years, without proper training and support can be costly and ineffective.  This is why SurveyTECH Technicians provides the initial onsite training to all operators ensuring that they are adequately trained and have the proper equipment onsite to effectively and efficiently deliver quality, precise data within manufacture specification as these instruments were develop to deliver.

     SurveyTECH works closely with each and every client ensuring that proper back up equipment is available on remote sites, equipment quality checks are in place and technical support is available at all times.

     SurveyTECH knows that clients have choices, so it does not take their trust for granted. By selecting SurveyTECH as your rental instrument supplier you can be assured that you will have the best equipment to “Hit your target”



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