Directional wedge

The Zero-Trip Wedge

The Zero-Trip Wedge

The Zero-Trip Wedge is a more efficient counterpart to a standard wedge, as it allows the drill crew to wedge off the mother borehole without multiple trips.

It eliminates the need to trip rods in and out of the borehole for no reason. This greatly reduces the risk of injury to drill crews. It also lessens the need for borehole additives to help maintain the integrity of the borehole, which means greater productivity with less risk of losing the drill hole.

The wedge is attached to the core barrel and the anchors are locked in place by adding water pressure.


  • Improved health and safety
  • Significantly less wear and tear on drill rig/equipment
  • Helps maintain borehole integrity
  • Orient in any direction, on the surface or underground
  • Easily lowered on the end of a core barrel
  • Fewer shifts needed
  • Available in NQ, HQ and PQ sizes
  • Timesaving 5-step installation alleviates the need for multiple rod trips


Health & safety benefits you can see:

  • Significantly reduce the risk of injury to drill crews (4x safer than Hall-Rowe wedges)
  • Slip and trip incidents are reduced by eliminating the repetitive risks associated with tripping rods
  • Manual handling risks and injuries, such as back strains and finger pinches, are greatly decreased



  • Lower and set the wedge at 1000 metres and start drilling in 8 hours
  • 78% faster than Hall-Rowe wedges
  • Allows you to recover a lost borehole
  • Saves multiple operating days on drill programs
  • Significantly reduces operating costs
  • Improves safety at every level
  • Increases the durability of the drill string
  • Reduces the requirement for human intervention
  • Increases drilling efficiency
  • Decreases on-site handling

Surveying a borehole in 1 shift with the zero-trip wedge

Zero-trip wedge – eliminating rod multi-tripping


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