About Us

SurveyTECH Instruments & Services

     We are a Canadian based business, specializing in industry-leading borehole instrumentation for the drilling, mining, exploration and civil engineering industry.   Our founders have over 60 years of combined experience and understand the value of borehole survey data in directing your hole. 

     We focus on building long-term relationships and partnerships with clients to understand their unique needs and offer the best solutions.  Our precision rental instrumentation kits and borehole gyro surveying services guarantee that we have the right instruments for your job.  Our pursuit of excellence, strength and reputation drives us to provide tools that will hit your target effective and efficiently. This is why we only partner with suppliers who are focused on innovative and research proven products that are accurate, easy for drillers to use, that minimize down time while increasing efficiency and profitability.  We are continually striving for excellence, and offer advanced solutions that can adapt to the industry‚Äôs changing demands.

     We have the right instruments for your job.  Rely on us to hit your target.